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CP Rail CabooseWinnipeg Beach was founded in 1900 by the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Sir  William Whyte. The first train arrived in Winnipeg Beach in 1903 with 500 passengers. For the weekend visitors, piers, parks and picnic grounds were established.  In 1913, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) had 13 trains going from Winnipeg to Winnipeg Beach. The “Moonlight Specials” and “Daddy Trains” got back in Winnipeg at midnight every Saturday for 50 years and cost 50 cents for a round trip. The CPR discontinued train service in 1961.  Canadian Pacific donated the caboose to Winnipeg Beach.  It stands on the property that formerly was the railway station and serves to remind everyone the role the CPR had in their areas development.

Winnipeg Beach had many attractions such as a boardwalk running the length of the beach, two hotels, four stores, a rooming house, an amusement park featuring a 300 foot high roller coaster, a penny arcade and a dance pavilion. One of the hotels, called “The Empress” had adjoining tennis courts, bowling greens and on Sunday evenings an orchestra would put on a concert.  Unfortunately, “The Empress” was destroyed in the 1930’s and was not replaced. The dance pavilion had a huge dance floor and the top bands of the time played there.  The roller coaster was taken down and the amusement park and the dance hall closed permanently in October 1964.

Winnipeg Beach played host to thousands of Winnipeg amusement seekers for some 50 years. Even though Winnipeg Beach lost these buildings and attractions, pictures and memories still remain.  Built in 2000 the boardwalk is lined with interpretive signage documenting the history of Winnipeg Beach with stories and pictures.  The grounds where the amusement park and dance hall were was purchased by Provincial Parks Branch and redeveloped as a day use recreation site. Many people still come to Winnipeg Beach, especially in the summer time.   Assist the Winnipeg Beach redevelopment board and buy a plank for $40.00.  Purchasers will receive a Certificate of Title for each plank purchased.  In addition a name plate will be affixed to each numbered plank.   Contact the Town of Winnipeg Beach

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